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Our system helps you automate the sales process from lead allocation to your team members based on multiple criteria and lead care by providing efficient lead solutions with regular follow-up updates, notes, related files, etc., collaborate and work with your team to close deals automatically efficient. Brilliantly crafted tool to improve lead and customer management with the help of step by step screening mechanism to achieve greater success. You can customize Solid Performers for any business in less than 60 minutes.

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Our Special Features


Businesses work on sales and to get the best conversion rate every company needs Customer Relationship Management software to get the most out of the leads it receives.



Sales is not a single interaction process. You will need to cultivate the relationship with your leads. remarketing automation helps to solve the biggest marketing problem.


Generating revenue from existing customers is much easier than getting it from new customers, but requires proper customer support. Free support solution with Azsa CRM.


File Manager

There are many documents that you send to clients and they respond, including KYC documents, proposals, RFPs, etc. Keep it in one place with a built-in file manager for each user.

Team Performance Dashboard

See your team's performance from a single dashboard. From their daily performance to other analytics on a single page, it helps management take the right call at the right time.

Daily Routines

When you get a lot of leads every day, the chances of old leads being lost are greater. With Daily Digest, you will have a clear picture of your daily activities, missed follow-ups, achieved goals and lots of other analytical data.


Contact Management

Did you miss the last communication with your client or the quote you sent him? With a complete conversation history, you'll always know what's going on with your customers. All customer conversations (emails, SMS, invoices, quotes, activities) will be in one place.


Generate Leads On Website

You don`t need an IT team or a developer to generate leads on your website. Our twolines code will give you a contact form with calling features free of cost to generate more leads from your website.


Marketing Automation

Create an email flow, which will send emails to subscribers at regular intervals. For example, you can create a flow to email tutorials daily or service reminders that are delayed 15 days after the last reminder.


Repeat Marketing

Create customized reports for targeted marketing. You can create groups to send emails based on CRM data like Hot Leads, Lead InProgress, or custom tags.



Workflows help you automate tedious work based on actions. For example, send an auto-reply email to a customer as soon as a lead is created in CRM.

Custom Filter

Create reports according to your needs. Custom reports help recover data from CRM, which is very important to you.


Task Scheduling

Get follow-up reminders so you don't miss a thing. Every missed follow-up is a missed activity, which is not recommended for any activity.


Lead Management

With sales automation, lead management has always been a time and energy consuming activity for salespeople. No longer. With Azsa. Advanced.

Project Management

Project management software enables you to sort tasks based on Priority, Due Date, Owner or Status. Move tasks to different sections by simply dragging and dropping.

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