Refund Policy

We strongly do not recommend refunds of any kind. You can sign up for a free trial before making your purchase and experience the product before making your purchase as full features are activated during the trial period itself.

Azsa CRM does not require you to have an annual subscription as a condition to use our services. We prefer to give you the flexibility to choose monthly, yearly with a free trial option. You can follow our full tutorials and provided features to understand our product features and then make a purchase or choose a monthly plan to understand the features before making a long term commitment.

We do not commit to downgrading your short term plan and reimburse your partial payment at any time. Therefore, we ask that you try for a short time before continuing for a longer duration.

Please note that we will not accept refund requests when we suspend or terminate access to our services due to a violation of our terms and policies. For inquiries, please email mail@azsatech.com