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Mobile apps are magic tools that make life easier, faster and more colorful. Highly interactive mobile apps make you happy when you're a user and make customers happy when you're an entrepreneur. One day there may be no more businesses in the world taking advantage of the unique benefits of mobile apps. When the competition reaches its peak, it will be important. The better you serve your customers, the better your business will be. Why isn't your customer experience better with a mobile app? It is a witnessed fact that, companies that have provided their customers with mobile apps have seen a considerable growth in their revenue and have changed the way they do business in just 6 months in a short period of time.

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Build Quality

Our Special Features


Combine workforce data to uncover trends, evaluate benchmarks, and make meaningful presentations of charts and graphs.


Strategy Service

Your employees can securely access and update their personal data, so HR administrators have free time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Privacy & Security

Azsa is built under the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) and therefore you can rest assured of security and privacy.


Manage Data & Documents

A single platform for centrally storing all employee records and documents, providing easy access, eliminating complex integrations, increasing accuracy and improving compliance.

Employment History

View a full picture of selected employees from joining date to date which includes personal details, membership and membership, employment history, skills, skills, hobbies/interests, etc...

Payroll Management

A flexible rule engine for time & pay, that calculates pay continuously throughout the pay period, produces high quality payroll and enables time for audits.


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