Abuse policy

Spam, Malware and Phishing You are not allowed to send any kind of spam, malware or phishing content by mail or via our CRM to your customers/contacts at any time related to your products/services or they will be redirected to our CRM Page.

Copyright Infringement

If you find that there has been a copyright infringement by a Azsa CRM user involving your work through our CRM, please submit a request and we will take appropriate action. Personal and Confidential Information If your personal or confidential information is misused without your knowledge through our CRM for any purpose,

Child Exploitation

Sharing of Child abuse related contents via our CRM service is strictly prohibited and severe actions will be taken if proven. Promotes Hatred, Violence Or Illegal/Offensive Activities Promotion of Hatred, Violence or Illegal/Offensive Activities or products or services is completely prohibited.

Other violations

Other violations prohibited by law can be reported here and if any violations are found, the necessary action will be taken immediately.

If found at any time, please email us to mail@azsatech.com